One trend that may go on as long as the pandemic lingers is the work-from-home setups of many people in the US and worldwide. While spending most of your time in your house, you might as well take this chance to do something to make your bills lower. And what better way to do it than having solar panels installed.

Since your demand for electricity use has grown due to your current work setup, you can offset the costs of your monthly bills by having an alternative power source. It’s understandable if you are thinking twice about having an extensive solar PV system installed at home. They don’t come cheap, but you have to look at them as an investment that you will benefit from as years pass by.

You may also want to look into the federal solar tax credit to cut down the costs of installation. This tax credit is also referred to as ITC or investment tax credit. It allows you to reduce 26 percent of the installation cost of your panels from your federal taxes. While it is still applicable in commercial and residential structures, the percentage varies and may no longer be available for residential projects in 2024.

This is the best time to think about investing in solar energy for your home. Aside from cutting down your energy expenses, you are assured of a renewable energy source beneficial to health and the environment.

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