Sonor Sun Energy is the leading global wind energy generator.

Industry Leader

Sonor Sun Energy is the largest renewable and clean wind energy generator on a global scale. The capacity of our wind generator has almost tripled over the past years. This company has the biggest market share of wind capacity in North America.


Affordable, Clean, and Reliable

We currently have 129 farms that actively provide affordable wind energy beneficial for our economy and the environment. This kind of renewable energy pays many landowners and provides millions in taxes. It also boosts the economy and gives people jobs.

The power created from wind energy offers the following benefits:

  • No solid waste
  • No dangerous cleanups when the project is done
  • Offers a renewable fuel source
  • Generates electricity without using water
  • Does not create air pollutants or greenhouse gasses

Wind Farms

Unlike other power-generating facilities, wind farms’ construction can be done quickly once approved. Sonor Sun Energy remains respectful to the community and the environment throughout the process – from start to finish.

The biggest challenge in putting up a warm wind is location. It has to have what it needs to accommodate the project – land, power lines, and excellent weather conditions. Its wind speed must average about 35 miles per hour.

We keep in touch with the landowners to let them know the construction phase going on and what’s being built. We also keep the local officials updated and conduct environmental and community assessments throughout the process.