With so many options to choose from, it is high time that you consider driving an electric vehicle (EV), and here are the top reasons why:

1. The options keep on increasing through the years.

This is possible as more car manufacturers add more electric vehicles to their fleets. Interested clients now have more options when it comes to models and price ranges.

2. You can opt to buy used EVs.

You can purchase electric cars on lease. This means that you will find a good inventory of older EVs with excellent warranties and low mileage.

3. It’s cheaper to register EVs.

The price for registration depends on the state where you are. For example, in Arizona, owners of all-electric vehicles enjoy lower registration fees. If you have a $30,000-worth EV, you would only have to pay a $12 annual registration fee. In comparison, you would have to shell out $714.30 if you own a typical car you bought at the same price.

4. You are entitled to a tax break.

If you own a brand-new plug-in and all-electric car, you can look into the federal government’s site with the list of the models and how much tax credit they are entitled to get.

5. Gas is more expensive than electricity.

As per the data from the US Department of Energy, the electricity cost per eGallon in the state of Arizona is $1.06. This is relatively low when compared to the per-gallon costs of regular gasoline at $2.60.

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