Sonor Sun Energy is the leading operator of solar energy.

Industry Leader

Sonor Sun Energy already has an extensive reach but keeps expanding its operations to bring solar energy to more communities, commercial establishments, and homes without compromising reliability and affordability.

Universal Solar

Our operations exceed the universal scale of 2,000 megawatts of solar energy in Canada and the US.

Distributed Generation

All our solar plants generate renewable and clean energy distributed to the public, utilities, institutions, and commercial industries.


Affordable, Clean, and Reliable

Solar energy is cost-efficient, and its plants operate during the peak months of energy consumption.

The power created from solar energy offers the following benefits:

  • No dangerous cleanups when the project is done
  • It offers a renewable and emissions-free fuel source
  • Generates electricity without using water
  • It does not create greenhouse gasses
  • Does not have any waste byproducts

Solar Energy Sites

Sonor Sun Energy has years of experience in the industry, and we have a construction team considered experts in building top-of-the-line solar plants. We employ hundreds of people during construction, most of whom come from the local community. Each project will provide jobs for around 6 to 12 months, or the time it usually takes to fold up the construction phase.

Looking for sites is the most challenging part of building a solar power plant. The location must have good land, power transmission lines, and efficient solar conditions. We always keep local communities, officials, and landowners updated about the project’s development. We want to get them involved in the project from start to finish.