Ensuring quality services and products delivered to our customers.

Sonor Sun Energy Marketing is considered among the top natural gas and electricity marketers and a key player in Canada and the US. It manages all Sonor Sun Energy’s generation fleet’s fuel and electricity requirements.

Energy Management

Sonor Sun Energy Marketing utilizes independent system operators to ensure that electric generation’s interface is handled accordingly and safely. We operate to provide ancillary, gas, and on-the-spot purchasing services. We also take back-office transactions.

Price Risk Management

We assess our clients’ needs to provide gas or power solutions sufficient for their requirements. Our gas and power-related products assist in times of price uncertainty with gas and power.

Structured Produc

We combine additional features with each of our product’s elements. These features include pricing, illiquid delivery factors, and volumetric variability. All these we constantly monitor to answer our clients’ growing demands.

Full Services

This marketing arm of Sonor Sun Energy is equipped with high-grade technologies and years of experience in the industry. We can deliver services, including ancillary, gas, and power, to meet the required loads of our clients. We are a huge supplier of full services to cooperatives, municipalities, and gas and electric utility companies.