Sonor Sun Energy stays true to its commitment to providing sufficient power that is safe for people and the environment.

Industry Leader

Sonor Sun Energy has several plants in operation that utilize the latest technologies in the industry. It continuously boosts its energy efficiency and keeps the emissions lower than the conventional energy systems powered by fossils.


Sonor Sun Energy actively looks out for the environment’s welfare as it expands its operations. This is evident with our fossil plants that utilize the combined-cycle generation system that uses clean natural gas as fuel.

How It Works

We use a large boiler fueled by either oil or natural gas in our fossil fuel plants. The heat creates steam from the boiling water. The high pressure of the steam makes it possible to make a turbine move. When the steam cools, it is recycled into water form, goes back to the boiler, and undergoes heating again.

The turbine has a long shaft that enables powering a generator. This is what produces electricity that is distributed to transformers. Once the electricity gains a high voltage, it is sent to powerhouses and businesses.

Sonor Sun Energy utilizes the combined-cycle turbine and simple-cycle combustion turbine in generating electricity from our plants.