Energy storage makes the power grid more efficient and our clients satisfied.

The Promise of Investing in Battery Storage

Our decades of experience in the industry have earned our name, Sonor Sun Energy, an excellent reputation as clean as the solar energy we provide. We are hailed as an industry leader in energy storage with the scope of services we can provide, size, scale, and expertise.

The energy demand never wanes, and energy storage ensures enough electrical energy is stored to keep up with our clients’ needs. These storage systems are reliable, safe, and work by discharging and charging batteries.


These energy storage projects do not require big lands; the area can be scaled according to what’s needed. We prefer building these projects near renewable energy sites, distribution systems, and electrical transmissions. This way, the community surrounding the project will experience minimal impact.

Affordable, Clean, and Reliable

Aside from its low impact on the environment, energy storage offers the following benefits:

  • It offers a renewable and emissions-free energy source
  • Generates electricity without using water
  • It does not create air pollutants or greenhouse gasses

How It Works

Sonor Sun Energy utilizes top-of-the-line energy storage systems. Here’s a briefing of how these systems work:

  • An efficient battery management system ensures reliable and safe energy transfer.
  • Vital factors undergo frequent monitoring using a computerized system to determine when to utilize the energy storage system. These factors include power prices and weather forecasts.
  • The inverters will convert to AC the DC from the batteries when the power system requires the energy.