Providing sufficient energy solutions for businesses and residential owners.

Sonor Sun Energy teams up with a dynamic provider of retail electricity, and we have been in the service since 2002. The market may grow and keep on becoming competitive, but so does our clientele list.

Residential Energy Services

Our residential clients gain real value from our electricity service plans:

Wind-powered plans are clean, pollution-free, and, best of all, affordable. These plans provide energy while ensuring the safety of the environment.

Various fixed-rate products. They give our residential clients the power to adjust their electricity supply rate. This way, they benefit from affordable electricity costs and price stability.

Commercial Electricity Services

Our clients that run businesses benefit from our plans through the following:

  • We are available in many markets.
  • We offer service plans designed for better electricity management of these businesses.
  • We have customized and standard solutions when it comes to energy management.

Sonor Sun Energy gives you the power to save money and benefit from innovative energy solutions fit for your home and commercial establishments. We make all transactions easier by providing detailed information, offering plans most suited to your requirements, renewing your plans, and ensuring sufficient power for your daily needs.