Sonor Sun Energy Solar Project aims to provide clean energy while boosting the economy and creating jobs.

The Arizona 260 Megawatts Solar Project Site

Sonor Sun Energy, along with its partners and subsidiaries, has been helping in pushing the country toward energy dependence for decades. The project utilizes batteries in its energy storage project to save renewable energy. This way, the stored energy can be used when there is little or no sun at all.

The Sonor Sun Energy Solar Project offers the following features:

  • It encompasses about 3,000 acres of land.
  • The PV solar arrays can generate up to 260-MW of renewable and clean energy and the same energy storage capacity for its battery.
  • The project is slated to begin in 2023 after getting the documents signed and approvals from local and state departments.

Economic Opportunities

The project’s goal is to provide renewable energy without causing harmful effects to water and the air. The project will benefit the environment and the host communities.

It will bring job opportunities. Once the project starts, it will provide many local jobs for construction and maintenance.

Once it is up and running, it is expected to provide about $17.5 million in tax revenue for the city. This money could be allocated to community services and structures, including schools and roads.