Offering a safe platform that drives vehicle lines into an affordable, electric, and smart future.

What the Future Holds

Sonor Sun Energy keeps up with the times. It adapts to the changes, especially when it comes to sustainable and affordable means. We have accelerated the transition to zero-emission, low-carbon, and sustainable transportation. We handle everything with a keen eye, from planning, operating, and maintenance. Let our company be your guide when it comes to the future of driving – electrification.

Fleet Electrification Simplified

Sonor Sun Energy employs experts – energy innovators, developers, and scientists. We work towards the simplification of fleet electrification planning and energy optimization. We utilize modern technologies to assess the economic feasibility and technical gains of creating zero-emission vehicles through the conversion of internal combustion engine lines. This is now made easier and more efficient through the use of our new proprietary software.

All these work and innovations aim to serve our clients better and work towards wise energy use.