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Sonor Sun Energy is the leading operator of solar energy. Industry Leader Sonor Sun Energy…

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Sonor Sun Energy is the leading global wind energy generator. Industry Leader Sonor Sun Energy…

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Energy storage makes the power grid more efficient and our clients satisfied. The Promise of…

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Is the Environment at Risk with the Use of Solar or Energy…

Property Values

Will a solar project increase the value of my property? While a…


When an energy storage or solar project reaches the end of its…

Nuclear Energy

Sonor Sun Energy's parent company, Sonor Energy, has one of the largest…

Natural Gas

Sonor Sun Energy stays true to its commitment to providing sufficient power…

Energy Storage

Energy storage makes the power grid more efficient and our clients satisfied.…

Sonor Sun Energy Solar Project aims to provide clean energy while boosting the economy and creating jobs.

The Arizona 260 Megawatts Solar Project Site

Sonor Sun Energy, along with its partners and subsidiaries, has been helping in pushing the country toward energy dependence for decades. The project utilizes batteries in its energy storage project to save renewable energy. This way, the stored energy can be used when there is little or no sun at all.

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solar panels

How Close Can Solar Panels Be to Edge of Roof

When harnessing the sun’s power through solar panels, a few questions pop up. One of the most common questions many homeowners have is how close can solar panels be to edge of roof? It’s a valid concern. That’s because getting the placement right is essential for maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of your solar energy system.
After reading this article, you can determine how close solar panels should be to the edge of your roof. We’ll also provide some practical insights to help you make …

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woman removes snow from solar panels

How to Kepp Snow off the Solar Panels Like a Pro

The winter period is characterized by light or heavy snowfall. A solar panel can experience some weather-related challenges during this period. Removing snow from your solar panels is essential, as it will help boost overall power output.
Some methods of keeping snow off your panels include: using a hose, and roof rake, heating your solar panels, and installing a snow guard. Accumulated snow on your solar panels can hinder electric output in the winter period. Snow removal from panels must follow a careful procedure to prevent damage and preserve the surfaces.
You must consider safety measures if you are to climb to your roof…

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