4 Different types of Water Filter to get pure water

4 Different types of Water Filter to get pure water
Water is the most important part of a human and animal body. It is said that water is the life of a human. About 60% of human body is made of water. 97% of water is available in a sea, 2% of water is frozen and remaining 1% of water is drinkable. So, you can analyze how much water we have? Remaining 1% of water is available in lakes, rivers, and below the earth. So, we have to bring the water from these resources. Different types of water resources include a number of organic and inorganic matters. It is needless to say that the problem of polluted water is increasing. One of the ways to avoid this unwanted dirt and minerals is using a water filter.
What about a water filter?
The water filter is an electrical or mechanical instrument that helps to purify the water. It uses various techniques to remove dirt and minerals from the water. Different types of water filters are available in the market. You can choose as your need to purify water.
Activated Carbon Filters
These are also known as the pre-filters or carbon filters that are generally used for removing large particles. These particles may be sediments, dirt, and unwanted inorganic compounds. The carbon particle has the property to absorb these particles that are why these no longer available in water. An activated carbon particle has the property to avoid the smell, odor and else from the water. It increases the test of water.
The carbon particle has the property to reduce the chlorine and other contaminants that are why the carbon filters are used in huge. The chlorines are basically mixed into water to make clean it. So you can find a small amount of chlorine after purification. The carbon filter can eliminate particles.
Reverse osmosis
This type of water filters is most common in society to purify water. It can easily eliminate the harmful contaminants from the water which is inappropriate for human health. Also, it reduces the amount of iron, chlorine, and magnesium which is a necessary part of water. These minerals are available in earth surface and get mixed with water. A small amount is enough, but more minerals in drinking water are harmful to human health. In that case, the reverse osmosis water filter is the best option.
UV Filters
These are the newest type of water filters using UV light to kill germs and virus available in water. The ultraviolet radiation is the best way to treat water. The UV radiation has the ability to kill bacteria that can damage your health. The UV filters do not require any chemical reaction or else, that is why it is more beneficial than other.
Infrared water filter
The infrared water filter is most suitable for those who live in the place where hard water is available. The infrared filter transfers hard water into soft water. It uses the technique that is light or heats to negative charge the water. It is most suitable for transferring the hard water into soft water. Hard water includes various inorganic compounds which can divide into negative or positive particles. The filter easily absorbs these particles.

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