Cleaning the solar panels regularly is often overlooked by those who own them. In the long run, the performance of your system will suffer as a result of the layer of grime that will build upon them. To achieve the best results, regular cleaning is critical. Maintaining the solar panels is not as hard as you think, as there are various ways to clean solar panels.

Cleaning your solar panels is essential for the reasons listed below.

Boost Effectiveness

Cleaning your solar panels will, without a doubt, improve their overall efficiency. This efficiency and performance improvement can be as high as 21% in residential arrays and 60% in commercial installations. You can be sure your panels are ready for maximum efficiency this way. In addition, cleaning regularly can have a significant impact!

Part of Warranty

It’s common for solar panel installers and manufacturers to require regular cleaning as part of their warranties. If you can’t show that you cleaned it regularly, your warranty may not cover you. That’s why it’s best to keep things regularly clean just in case something goes wrong.

Do Not Depend on Rainwater Alone

If you don’t clean your solar panels after rain, you’re missing out on a valuable opportunity to extend the life of your panels. That’s not the case, however. Instead, you’ll need to clean your solar panels more frequently than you would during the rest of the year during the rainy season. As a result, it is not recommended that you automatically rely on rainwater to clean your panels.

Risk of Electrocution

There is a higher risk of electrocution if solar panels are not properly maintained. The risk of electrocution is significantly increased if the glass layer protecting the solar cells breaks and water enters the solar panel. If you don’t regularly inspect and clean the solar panels, you’ll never know what can break the glass.

The glass of your solar panels can crack or break by anything from a bird to a tennis ball landing on your roof. So one more reason not to neglect your solar panels is the risk of electrocution from birds pecking at wires.

Aesthetic Value

There is nothing worse than having an old, dirt-strewn panel on top of your home. Like cleaning the rest of your house, it’s essential to clean your solar panels regularly as well. Your home will look better to you and your guests if you perform regular maintenance like this.

Get Your Money Worth

You want to get your money’s worth out of your investment in solar panels as soon as possible since they cost a lot of money to install. Cleaning your solar panels regularly will help you get the most out of your investment sooner. In addition, they work better when they’re cleaned because more light gets to the cells.

To summarize, cleaning your solar panels regularly is quick and inexpensive, so don’t let dirt accumulate on this significant investment in your home.

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