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How Safe is Our Water?

The earth is pretty much covered by water with only less than a third is taken up by land. Back to 100 years ago, or perhaps centuries ago where the Industry Revolution had yet occurred, the Earth was healthy with its clean air, clear water and full of greens. However, as the Earth’s population continues […]

Easy Points on Types of Water Filters

There are many types of water filters available nowadays, but it is rather difficult to understand each water filter’s nature and how they actually works! Here are some easy pointers to tell you about the differences of water filter! Type: Activated Carbon Pros & Cons: The unique adsorption properties of carbon material can be used […]

How to Choose the Best Water Filter for your Household

Our earth is no longer healthy and we cannot just drink or use water directly from the pond, lakeside or the river nearby us in the wild. As the water we have now is already polluted due to industrialization and irresponsible care from humans. Water pollution can be disastrous and could cause a lot of […]