What are the main causes of environmental issues?

What are the main causes of environmental issues?
The effects of the human acts on the biophysical world are the greatest environmental issues today. Some of the daily human activities regularly harm the nature and with these big environmental issues are created. The major emergence says that we need to keep our environment safe and away from these environmental issues. Environmental protection is the need of us, and for this from individual to all the governmental organizations, everyone has to work for it.
It is high time for all the human beings to get together and take serious actions against these environmental issues. If we do not take any action now, then we could lose all things that we are facilitated with nature. All sorts of development process result in heavy depletion in the natural resources. So this type of imbalance created by humans finally ends up in huge devastation. There are many types of engineering and manufacturing industries, which deals with metal, plastic, rubber, oils which are extracted from nature. These things are used in manufacturing many different products which are daily used by the human beings. These manufacturing companies are very much hazardous and considered as non-environment friendly.
There is no time left for the blame game. Today we can’t blame to the industries, for polluting the nature, but we all are the reason behind this. We all are responsible for these environmental issues. So this is our responsibility to make it normal and healthy for humans. There are many causes which are destroying our Earth every day.
Major causes of Environmental Issues
Pollution: Almost every human being today knows about pollution, and the causes of this pollution. But we are still not maintaining it or stopping this. The biggest problem for the human race is that we know this pollution will destroy everything one day, but still, we are not ready to face the disaster. For every type of pollution only and only human beings are responsible. From soil and water pollution to air and noise pollution, these all are produced and increased by the human beings.
Climate change: Climate change sounds like a natural process, but it initiated by the human beings. It is rapid change is occurring due to the sick effects of the human activities. Humans are responsible for these divesting issues through the outcomes of global warming, urban heat, greenhouse effect, etc. Climate change does not only mean the change in the weather, but it has the most harmful effect on the environment. Some of the major effects of the climate change are the occurrence of the new and more harmful diseases, melting of the polar region, and the plants. That is essential for the human existences are getting extent day by day.
Environmental issues are increasing every day, so we have to keep things more clear, and initiate the activities to prevent all these. And have to save the environment from all these disasters. As an individual, you have to start an initiative to work for the improvement in nature.

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