How Safe is Our Water?

The earth is pretty much covered by water with only less than a third is taken up by land. Back to 100 years ago, or perhaps centuries ago where the Industry Revolution had yet occurred, the Earth was healthy with its clean air, clear water and full of greens. However, as the Earth’s population continues to grow and advanced, being more civillised does not mean we are treating our environment well. More than often, we take the environment for granted and had caused severe pollution the the Earth. Due to greed and inconsideration of humans, pollution has only ever gone worse and had only came to our attention after it had became a serious issue for our future, where the Earth have starting to show signs how human had exceeded the nature’s limits.

So you may ask ‘How serious is the problem?’

According to the environmental campaign organization WWF: “Pollution from toxic chemicals threatens life on this planet. Every ocean and every continent, from the tropics to the once-pristine polar regions, is contaminated.” Hence, it is a dead serious issue where it can threaten the entire ecosystem if we let the issue drag on and make no changes in our lifestyle.

There are many pollutants that can be found in water nowadays, and be it for the purpose of using or drinking, these pollutants are not safe for any living beings. However, most of the water filters from can eliminate these problems.

Alt_Plastics in our oceansentering the food chain

Pollution Cause:
Industrial wastage from fishing (plastic fishing lines), littering from visitors to beach areas (plastic bottles and plastic wares),

Possible effect on health / environment:
It is not as toxic as other chemical pollutants, however can cause a major hazard to the marine creatures, and bring back the plastic into our digestion system throughout the food chain process while consuming marine products.

toothpaste microbeads

Micro Plastic Beads 

Pollution Cause:
They are often found in most facial cleansing products and body shower products, where the beads are designed to be so small and insoluble in water, we end up flush them away through water and released to the sea after the water process, which can prevent us from having clean and drinkable water, also harms the ecosystem.

Possible effect on health / environment:
Can affect our digestion system by clogging and cause malnutrition in marine creatures.


MTBE ( Methyl tert-butyl ether)

Pollution Cause:
It is a chemical substance contained in unleaded petrol, given its sparingly soluble characteristics, it shows no colour in the water. It can also lead to unpleasant taste and odor in water due to its vague reminiscent of diethyl ether. It is often caused through leakage of underground oil tanks or pipes.

Possible effect on health / environment:
Causes cancer, nausea, damages the respiratory and neural system



Pollution cause:
It is commonly added by water suppliers and manufacturers to kill bacteria, however overdose of chlorine can be toxic and cause unpleasant feeling while drinking the water.

Possible effect on health/ environment:
Chlorine is believed to contain a carcinogen which has been linked to seven different diseases including diabetes and birth defects.



Pollution Cause:
May be caused through where there are peel off of metal from old water pipes and water tank.

Possible effect on health / environment:
Damages the kidney and neural system, can cause mental retardation, impaired growth, coma and death if its high level of lead poisoning.



Pollution Cause:
88% of oil were spilled from routine shipping and caused by people pouring unused oil down drains on land, where only 12% of oil came from tanker accidents.

Possible effect on health / environment:
Can destroy the marine ecosystem as oil layer can block oxygen from entering water. Massive oil spill can cause intertilisation of marine creature’s eggs and also endanger their life by affecting the quality of water.



Pollution Cause:

Industrial waste from factories, leakage of factory pipe

Possible effect on health / environment:
Can cause mercury poisoning where also leads to muscle weakness and poor coordination, skin rashes, memory problems, damage the hearing, sight and neural system.


There are many other substances that can be found in the water which is not safe for living beings and the ecosystem. In order to make water drinkable, besides of using water filters to purify water source, immediate action needs to be taken to mitigate effects of pollution with strict laws and proper education.


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