How to Choose the Best Water Filter for your Household

Our earth is no longer healthy and we cannot just drink or use water directly from the pond, lakeside or the river nearby us in the wild. As the water we have now is already polluted due to industrialization and irresponsible care from humans. Water pollution can be disastrous and could cause a lot of problems to our health if we had consume them, or had contact with them. It is even worse for other countries which are underdeveloped as they clearly had no clean water for them to consume or use.

Scientifically proven, water is an essential element to maintain our health as our body is 70% made of water. Hence, to have the best quality of water without any pollutant is a vital concern for every household, as polluted water may cause a lot of health problems if they are contaminated with substance such as dirt, heavy metal (mercury, lead) which could lead to poison and other mental problems; nano-plastics that are insoluble in water which could cause digestion problems and etc. Given that our living environment now is advanced with technology and scientific knowledge, there are many inventories that are able to filter the unwanted substances in water, so that we can drink or use them safely in our lifestyle.

There are currently a variety of choices for us to choose for water filters in the market, and each brand’s water filter may seem different from each other on their functions, price and also durability. One of the famous brand on water filter is Cuckoo. Nevertheless, brand is not the main issue here. All we need to know, is the function that we really need based on our living environment and the quality of water supply, so that we can choose the most suitable water filter to cope with our environment to have the best quality so to optimized our health.

Firstly, it is important that the water filter can separate dirt from the water, as water may flow through pipes that are aged for decades or centuries, and the source of water may be from underground, or contain possible dirt while flowing from the source to our house. To have clean water, dirt is the first thing that we would not want to see in the crystal clear water.

Secondly, do take note if the water filter contains carbon filter that are specially designed to remove lead. And of course, try not to use hot water directly from the tap, as they are likely to contain higher levels of lead. It is advisable to heat them up separately if you need hot water, so to reduce the level of lead as much as possible from the tap.  This is because most of the lead in household water usually comes from the plumbing in your house, not from the local water supply. Nevertheless, a good water filter should handle this problem perfectly, so that we won’t be drinking lead-contaminated water.

Thirdly, if your living environment or water supply has its source located at a rather high density of minerals, it is advisable for you to choose water filters that uses reverse osmosis. This can filtered most of the excessive minerals contained in the water, including calcium, magnesium, sodium and etc.

Lastly, you need to check reviews of the water filter that you are going to purchase, and take note on reviews on their service quality, customer service, after-sale service, warranty and maintenance when deciding which brand to purchase. As different companies may have different policies other than functions that are suitable for your household!


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