Community “Energized” After Institute Visit

This e-mail arrived after the Sonoran Institute’s Marjo Curgus visited Greenough, Montana, in February to help residents create a vision for their community.

Thank you, Sonoran Institute!! A quick note to thank you so much for sending Marjo to Greenough this past Saturday! Our little community (about 160) is spread out over 120 square miles around the confluence of the Blackfoot and Clearwater rivers in Missoula County and, as you can imagine, represents a wide range of personalities/wealth/nonwealth/ideas/experiences. She allowed for us to finally come together for some much-needed, constructive dialog.

I can’t tell you how much animosity and distrust she cut through – for almost six weeks prior there were people who were vehemently opposed to the Sonoran Institute facilitating in Greenough (just some wacko-enviro group to tell me what I should do with my land), but when Marjo left I got a phone call from a previous naysayer gushing, asking how soon Sonoran could be back.

I sound like a damn commercial, but the community vision day was a huge success. Also, I can’t say enough about Marjo’s energy and vitality – her toughness and humor were perfect for this crowd.

The community feels energized and excited; thank you for providing us with this opportunity. We’re looking forward to learning how Sonoran can be more involved in our future. This is a special time in Missoula County – I feel like we’re on the verge of accomplishing something great.

Juanita Vero